Sunday, May 20, 2007

Imput from Michelle

Today (June 12) we went to this mountain that is not far from Tucuman, and hiked up to a Christus statue. It was an eight-mile hike, which I didn't know until we started walking up the mountain and saw the sign. was quite the walk! But it was a beautiful area with green hills and little houses on the countryside. When we got to the top it was 3:00 and we thought the next bus leaving was at 6:30, so we went and waited in the Restaurant, but then at 5:00 we found out there was a bus down at 4:00!!! A Classic foreign country predicament. Anyway, we were so tired that we just sat in the warm restaurant and waited. When we were walking to the bus I somehow stepped in dogpoop, shortly after I grabbed my foot for some reason and it got on my hand! ewwwwww!

We've been to the hospital twice now, and Monday is our first day of Clinical. I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to communicate very well. I know it will be a good experience, and probably I'll be fine after a little while, but it's scary to me now. We've had class a few times and I'm excited about what we'll be doing. We'll be working on the Postpartum floor, Labor and Delivery, and the NICU. Then in the Community we'll be working with Children and with the Elderly. We're starting up a new program about "healthy aging" because the doctors here have started to realize that the older people are getting ignored. All the charity groups want to help the children, but they feel the older people have a need as well. So we'll be starting up a new program for the older people. It should be a really good experience.

People here are great. My Spanish is pretty much non-existent, but I am learning new words every day. I'm frequently making a fool of myself...oh well! Last night we went out to dinner Argentine style, they make it a big deal! We ate yummy bread, salad, five cuts of meat, french fries, and ice cream for dessert, all for 25 pesos! That equals about eight dollars. We also got serenaded by these two argentines that were amazing singers! It was awesome! -Michelle

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