Sunday, May 20, 2007

Argentina Food

The food has definitely been a cultural learning experience! For those of us that have been here before the food brings back a lot of wonderful memories and even some new experiences. We have found that even those things that we thought were a given turned out to be whole new world - Just check out the hotdog! (Down here it is called a "Pancho") The hot dog place had a bar where you could put one of over 20 different sauces and toppings, or any combination thereof. I chose to go for some mustard, mayo, salsa (tomatoes and onions in vinegar), along with black beans, peppers, etc. Don't choke just yet - it was actually quite tasty! Andres (in the middle of the hot dog picture wearing a brown sweat shirt) is a local college student and has been a great guide and is helping us enjoy this experience to the max. Some of the favorite foods so far have been Empanadas, Ice Cream, Pizza (once again not what you would expect but very tasty), and the king of them all - ASADO (Argentine Barbecue)!!!! Every day new flavorful experiences await! -PM